WELCOME to our SNC shop! SNC is a parent support group for parents set up by parents. We are in your corner, offering emotional support, a sounding board. We support families across London and now surrounding areas too. Join us, register, and receive regular updates.

In addition to our free support services, we produce some paid-for publications, such as printed, directories newsletters and mini magazines for local areas. These are pre-ordered and sold in a minimum pack of 100.

We are also the distributors of the Max Card for Harrow (only). The Max Card is the UK’s leading national special needs discount card for foster families and families of children with additional needs. Families can use their Max Card at venues across the UK to get free or discounted admission. The card is shown to certain venues/organisations as proof of your child’s disability. Families will also benefit from discounts at over 3000 attractions nationwide, including Legoland, Alton Towers, Go Ape, Butlins etc. Find out more CLICK HERE

We have many great ideas and products to introduce to you. WATCH THIS SPACE!!